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At Route 22 Bookkeeping Solutions, we're not just “number crunchers”; we're your financial partner along “Your Route to Financial Freedom”. If you're a Small Business Owner in a Service-Based industry, you’re likely an entrepreneurial spirit that already has the skills and experience to thrive in your field. You excel at tasks that require hands-on skills, and we understand that dealing with numbers might not be your strong suit. That's where we come in – to help you clarify the financial side of your business, so you can focus on what you do best.

About Us: Your Trusted Financial Navigators

At Route 22 Bookkeeping Solutions, we do not partner with restaurants or inventory-related industries. We are passionate about supporting Service-Based industries because we recognize that these industries are the cornerstone of America. We know that you have the skills and experience for your business to succeed. What we provide is the financial expertise along “Your Route to Financial Freedom”.

Whether you’re a start-up (with more questions than your CPA has time for), a successful one-man-show or a fleet, our team is dedicated to freeing up your valuable time while giving you the confidence of knowing your business inside and out. We believe that understanding your numbers is the key to making educated decisions along “Your Route to Financial Freedom”. As we like to say, "If you don't understand your numbers, you're only seeing half of your business."

Our Services: Guiding You Every Step of the Way

We offer customized packages designed to support the unique needs of your Small Business. Whether you:

  • Require assistance with QuickBooks Online “Set-up” or “Clean-up” of your existing file for tax purposes.
  • Need help understanding the functions and features of QuickBooks Online.
  • Prefer to handle specific aspects of your bookkeeping.
  • Are looking for Basic Bookkeeping Services to ensure accurate and coherent reports.
  • Want to create professional invoices for managing Accounts Receivable.
  • Need an efficient solution for paying bills and managing Accounts Payable.
  • Plan to expand your team and provide Direct Deposit for Contractors and Employees.

Why Choose Us: Your Success is Our Priority

When you initially envisioned starting your own business, I'm certain you didn't picture yourself spending late nights, feeling overwhelmed in front of a screen full of numbers. Being a successful business owner doesn't mean trying to do everything on your own; it means focusing on what you're passionate about every day and assembling a trustworthy team to handle the rest. This enables you to focus on your passion and achieve your goals.

Our passion lies in providing support to small business owners. We possess the expertise, systems, and processes needed to set up your financial records for success. But we're not just here to meet your financial needs; we're genuinely committed to your business's well-being. There's a significant distinction between receiving periodic reports by email and having someone take the time to go through those reports with you. That's why we go the extra mile by offering monthly meetings with our clients. Our goal isn't just to answer your questions; it's to ensure that you comprehensively understand your financial reports, empowering you to make educated decisions on “Your Route to “Financial Freedom”.

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