About Route 22 Bookkeeping

Jordyn Brophy - Route 22 Bookkeeping ServicesOwner, Jordyn Brophy, started her financial career in the Credit Union arena. In Credit Unions, Jordyn says she expanded her financial education and learned accounting principles.

She says, "While working in loans, I would have Small Business Owners come in needing help to setup an account or apply for a loan. I was surprised with how many Business Owners either, didn't have standard financial reports or had them but didn't understand them. That's where I first saw a need. A way that I could truly help Business Owners understand the full picture of their business. So, I opened Route 22 Bookkeeping Solutions in January 2021.

My goal is to help Small Business Owners understand their business, inside and out."

Why is Route 22 Bookkeeping different?

Expanding on the statement above, Jordyn continues, "I believe that every Business Owner deserves to know where they stand financially. That is how we make educated decisions, both in our personal lives and in our business lives.

  • I customize my packages to fit YOUR needs.
  • Do you want a second pair of eyes on your current Bookkeeping process?
  • Do you feel you can do certain tasks but want to pass off the tasks you don't like?
  • Do you want or need someone else to take over the books entirely?

I'm here to support your financial journey."